UI/UX Work Sample

Hello my name is Wassime and I am a software engineering student looking for a graduation internship, below is a work sample of UIs that I worked on in the past

Although I am primarily a developer, I am also a digital artist (will put some of my work at the end) and I enjoy working on UI especially mobile applications. I always try to think of ways to improve the User’s Experience by paying attention to the details and adding little things that may seem insignificant, but combined I believe they greatly improve the UX


The first example I am going to share with you is actually the first ever flutter app that I made which was a Minimal Viable Product made during my SCRUM course project at my university

Authentication Screen

The application was centred around camping and outdoors activities so I wanted to capture the feeling of wonder of a landscape by designing a parallax effect that sells the scale of the distant mountains in the background

Camping Centre Details Screen

This is the screen that would be visited a lot by users so a lot of care went into design
It shows the user all they need to know to book a camping spot

By clicking “View Centre Calendar” a calendar is displayed that shows how busy the centre is each day based on current reservations

A map is embedded in the screen that shows the address of the Centre with a button that would take you to google maps where it will automatically give you the directions from your location to the Centre

The user can also view the entry fee and a dynamic list of items that can be reserved like wood or a tent for example

Before booking the user can also check the reviews of the centre and also add a review of their own

Recolo (github repo)

This is one of my personal projects it is a simple app with only two screens but I focused a lot on making the UX as seamless as I can

The idea behind it is to have a personal journal where at the end of the day you would write your thoughts and rate your day, to access or to create a new entry you would need to type a password that would be used for encryption to prevent anyone else form reading your secrets

The app opens up to the Journal List Screen where if you are using the app for the first time you are prompted to create a journal for today

I automatically generated some placeholder data, a 1000 entries were added to showcase the pagination that only reads subset of the files that are stored on local device storage at a time so that the app doesn’t slow down the more our user uses it

If we press the big plus button the app figures out which day the user is writing a journal for.
For example if the user starts writing at 2am they are probably writing a journal for yesterday not today
They are also prompted for a password that will be used to encrypt the journal entry

Once the user confirms they password the are taken to the edit screen where they could start typing their journal, changes are automatically saved each time the user stops typing for a very short amount of time to avoid excessive saving

The user can also type in a custom title for the journal which will be publicly viewable without a password along with the rating for the day

a third screen is to be developed that shows stats and like a coloured matrix where each case represents a day in the past year


Boyoot is an app I developed during my internship at Andromedia, this is the first time that I had to work with a designer and I really enjoyed working with them and replicating their work into functional code

During the development of this app I learned a lot of valueable architecture and state management experience. Most notably the Bloc pattern

it is better if I could show you this by sharing my screen as I focused a lot on animations which I could showcase better live

Wanderbud (deployed development preview)

I would also like to showcase this live and talk about the project

That’s it for now, thank you for taking the time to view my Work Sample and I hope to further discuss this position with you in more details

Below are some of my digital art works that I promised earlier, you can skip them as they do not relate to app development

wanderbud background

morgana and ez botlane

op strawhat

bnh allmight